Meet The Man


From humble beginnings John Carney formed the essence of what has grown to become the Carney Family of Companies in 1999 when he began working with a nonprofit group to provide home ownership opportunities to those who would not otherwise qualify for a traditional mortgage. From the start, John and the firm wanted people to have great homes at affordable prices. When national funding for this program ran out, John leveraged the relationships he had built and entered into the real estate investment business with the same mission in mind; give people quality homes that they can afford and benefit the community as a whole in the process.

John’s unrivaled attention to detail and uncompromising devotion to quality became the foundation of all Carney Company cultures. “Make it perfect” is perhaps the most commonly heard phrase in our hallways today. Having purchased, renovated and sold over 3000 homes to our valued customers, John and the team are constantly working to improve upon the benchmark for perfection.

Today the Carney Family of Companies includes Carney Properties & Investment Group, Inc. (Homes & Investments), Carney Realty & Associates, Inc. (Full Service Brokerage), Carney Quality Construction (in house and third party construction services) and our proprietary auction software system.


Produce the finest homes and investment properties available at any price


There is a better way to provide real estate services and renovate homes. We know after over 3,000 homes that buying and selling a home is about far more than buying distressed properties and doing minor renovations for a quick resale. Our following of loyal and repeat buyers, vendors and agents have proven that taking exceptional pride in every detail of work performed and delivering a superior product regardless of cost or margin is a lasting business model that benefits our firm, families and all the members of our community.


All of our work must benefit and never harm:

- Buyers
- Investors
- Vendors
- Neighborhoods
- Our community as a whole
"5 Stars, honest, great value Great finished product!!!"

Danny Amaral Jr

"The most Trusted name in South West Florida Real Estate. For new construction, lots or wholesale homes Carney Real Estate and Investment Group has the most deals and allows anyone to get whole pricing."

Credit Pros

"With 20+ years in this career I can't say I've ever dealt with such a professional & trustworthy company. Carney Properties & Investment group, you guys are #1 in Fort myers & Cape Coral!"

Arnold Robena