Our Company

Since its inception, Carney Properties & Investment Group has embraced innovation, the highest quality standards of development and good old-fashioned hard work for our buyers and sellers. When our name goes on a for sale sign, it represents integrity, dedication and professionalism. Our call to action-making Southwest Florida an even more enjoyable place to live. Since John Carney founded the company almost 20 years ago, he has become a success at repositioning distressed properties long before the auction market became trendy. Our linear progression has launched into a full-service real estate firm, with the proliferation of our construction division, property management solutions, home remodeling platform in addition to an uncompromised reputation for residential sales. At Carney Properties, we create opportunities that result in wish-list lifestyles for clients.


*Industry pioneers with unrivaled experience

*Ahead of the curve remodeling service

*Unlimited access to inventory in SW Florida

*Over 3000 properties purchased renovated and sold

*Number one buyer and seller distressed and re-position properties in SW Florida

*Setting the standard for opportunistic real estate clients

*Strategic investment and development ventures

*Appeal to customers globally with our international team

*Leadership founded on honesty and integrity

*Five-star customer service

*Lifelong relationships